The ISU Journal: Stereoscopy # 126 (Issue 2.2021)

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Contents include the following articles
The President’s Column Hermine Raab
From the Editor George Themelis
Member Highlight: Gordon Au
Stereoscopy History: Alan Griffin’s Hyperstereos
Hyperstereo Airplane Wing Challenge George Themelis
LARGE BASE Terrestrial Hypers Ikuo Nakamura
2D to 3D Conversion using Leiapix, PhotoPea & SPM Ray Moxom
POLE 3D Photography George Themelis
Virtual 3D-Con 2021 Greg Perez
3D Gallery – HYPERSTEREOS (Part II)
Featured 3D Picture: Shuttle Discovery in 3D Jim McManus
Upcoming 3D Events
Sample Pages from Stereoscopy, Issue 2.2021