The ISU Journal: Stereoscopy # 122 (Issue 2.2020)

Contents include the following articles
Message from the Congress Manager Matěj Boháč
From the Editor George Themelis
Søren Hertz-Christensen
Member Highlight: Dr. Gerlind-Anicia Lorch
Stereoscopy History: Don Jeater
ISU Congress 2021: The History of Bohemia and Český Krumlov
In the Wilds of Africa Roman Shmidt
SPM Depth Map Functions, Part I Dennis Boersma
3D Gallery: Pandemic 2020 (part I)
Hummingbirds-by-John-Hart John Hart
2020 NSA Virtual 3D Convention Dwight Harvey
Upcoming 3D Events
Sample Pages from Stereoscopy, Issue 2.2020