ISU Member Club: 3-D Raumbildclub e.V.

The 3-D RBC Berlin e.V. was founded in march of 1996 and has a current membership of over 40.

The club’s website publishes details and dates of planned events.

Over the years the club nights have taken on a traditional pattern. Prior to the official program, members and guest take the opportunity to swap ideas. The official program consists of a technical report on either new or updated equipment followed by a 3-D projection show with either 41×101 mm stereoscopic format or 2x 5×5 cm format and occasionally with Mattel View-Master which unfortunately are no longer available in Germany.

Projection shows, with or without soundtrack, cover a variety of topics e.g. travel, club projects etc., recently a short series has been introduced consisting of not more than 10 transparencies.
The club also offers a platform for members who prefer stereo photographs and stereoscopic photographic cards. The interest represented by the club members covers the whole spectrum of 3-D, hyperstereos, Holmes-Cards, 6×6, European format 24×36, 18×24 transparencies, Belplasca, Realist etc..

Technically talented members develop and construct a variety of 3-D instruments, such as stereoscopic cameras from old mono cameras, quality viewers and mounting equipment. New members may borrow the club´s stereo camera.

Once a year the club and the museum stage a projection show screening the different aspects of stereoscopic photography, to which the general public are invited to attend.

On the social side one of the highlights on the events calender is the annual excursion which is open to members and their families, this helps to promote closer understanding within the club. Following the outing members are asked to donate a number of stereoscopic images for the “Excursion projection show” archive.

With the variety of interest and experiance found in its membership the club offers everyone the opportunity to expand their stereoscopic horizons.

Meeting Location
Museum Europäischer Kulturen (Vortragssaal), Im Winkel 6-8, 14195 Berlin

Meetings Season
Every second Tuesday of the month, 7pm

ISU Club Representative
Stefan Jünemann
Milinowskistr. 28
14169 Berlin