ISU Member Club: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Stereoskopie e.V.

The DGS was founded 1928 in Berlin and celebrated its 90th birthday in 2018 in Berlin. We now have about 600 members.

Meeting Locations
in several regional groups:

Hamburg, Hannover, München, Nürnberg, Rheinland (Köln), Ruhrgebiet (Bochum), Sachsen (Dresden/Leipzig), Ulm; Hunsrück, Ostfildern/Nellingen

Please find details on the DGS-website

Meetings Season
Throughout the year – see website

Annual Convention etc.
DGS Congress: usually in May, each year in a different city.
3D-Tag der DGS (Stereo Day of the DGS): mid-/late October in Hamm
For details, please refer to the 3D-Events page.

ISU Club Representative
Frank Lorenz